Welcome! If you are a healthcare or fitness professional who works with soccer players, or are a soccer coach, trainer, or player, this site is for you! 

I designed this site as a platform for bringing all the knowledge we have in soccer medicine to the clinic and field where it can be implemented. You can use it to find information about my online and in person training and educational courses, read my latest blog posts, listen to my podcast, and much more!


Hi! I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and US Licensed Soccer Coach.

I grew up playing soccer and my dream was always to play in college. When I broke my leg in my senior year of high school I thought that dream was over.

My Physical Therapist helped me to become a better athlete than I was before my injury, and achieve my goal of playing Division-1 soccer!

Now, I make it my mission to help other soccer players and athletes achieve their goals.


I just tore my ACL – Do I really need surgery?Part 2: To reconstruct, or not to reconstruct? That is the question…

Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of early ACL reconstruction or to take arms against a surgical procedure and do rehab alone, instead. Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly what Hamlet said, but you get the point. In Part 1: Expectations vs Reality, we saw that only a little over …

I just tore my ACL – Do I really need surgery? Part 1: Expectations vs Reality

The expectations of patients can have a significant effect on their motivation throughout the rehabilitation process and on their outcomes. Knowing what our patients expect of their rehabilitation and return to sport process can help us to guide them in setting realistic goals and being more satisfied with their outcomes. In a recently published study …


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